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Its worth having a library at home !

My friends used to say that I am foolish because I always buy books which are fit to be kept in libraries and they do not serve any purpose once the exams are over. I was silent all the time, thinking that they never realise the value of a library at home.

I used to buy 3 texts per subject since my college days; one explaining elementary concepts in the subject, one which the college prescribed, and another book written by a foreign author who has worked on the subject. My collection of books in physics became quite large, with two big cupboards and three small cupboards. My friends laughed at me saying that I fancy spending money on books. I didn’t respond.

When I was a summer research fellow at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advanced scientific research during my college days, I got to know about ebooks on science subjects. I started collecting them too, and it came upto 4 DVDs. My friends said they could not read books on the computer for a longtime and didnt bother to download or even copy them on to other dvds!

They realize their mistake now 🙂

Entrance exam for ph.D is scheduled this December and I have finally started to prepare for it.  I had some doubts in a particular topic and my library came so handy, both hard copies and the ebooks. Poor friends of mine ! They seem to have trouble searching for them now, as we no longer belong to college and cant make use of the library the way we used to when we were students. Photocopies of certain sections only denied them of important appendices and related sections.

Now they  ask me to copy books onto DVDs and I asked them to download books themselves 🙂 As for hardcopies,I said, “please buy them and build your own library !” They now realise the importance of buying books and having a library at home !


Reasons to blog in English

Hello all !

I was never a good writer all through my school and college days, but I still managed to write essays for my assignments. I always loved Kannada and Sanskrit, but somehow managed English. This went on till my M.Sc .

I started a science blog in English way back in 2006, which ceases to exist now. Ever since the advent of usage of Kannada on the net, I simply took the advantage of the technology and started to blog in Kannada. My blogs were very well received and I kept on thinking about enhancing my Kannada language skills,before the following events took place.

  • I have forgotten to borrow books at the English section in Indian Institute  of world culture library, which was pointed out by the librarian.
  • I hardly visit the English section in City Central library, South end circle.
  • I have stopped downloading e-books from all the available sites, which has astonished my friend circle.
  • I have not bargained or picked up a quarrel with road side book vendors off late, which has astonished my parents.

What shocked me the most was my sister’s questions – ” Lakshmi, you have forgotten two facts – One, You studied in a school which taught you to read English, Two, you enjoyed reading P.G.Wodehouse, Richmal Crompton, Ayn Rand and J.K. Rowling sometime ago. What happened to you now ? You have actually stopped reading English books and newspapers too! Do you remember English alphabets at least ? ?”

It actually took me sometime to answer her questions. I answered confidently that I still remember English and I can read, write and speak the language. She suggested that I should also have a blog in English, so that I dont forget the language and it gives me an opportunity to enhance my English writing skills too. I too gave it a thought and considered her suggestion. That resulted in this new blog of mine.

I hope the objective is achieved !