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When suggestions become compulsions



They are two different words. Like everything in this world, they too definitely have a limit.

We need to “take” advice from elders. It is up to us to follow. We can take suggestions from elders and friends. Once again, its upto us. And, it SHOULD be up to us to decide. Elders , I think, after a certain age and after a certain point of time, must stop suggesting and advicing too much.

I have emphasised on too much because, more often than not, elders and friends tend to forget the limits and start to compell and pressurise us, which is detrimental to our future.

Be it our personal life or  career, it is not worthy to decide everything by ourselves and thats where elders and friends come in. But I am afraid, they are not of much help most of the times.

Very recently, I landed up in a position where I got stuck and was not able to decide what I should do next. My parents too were quite confused. My friends suggested many things, but it didnt solve the problem totally. One of my elders kept on compelling me that I should listen to him, take his advice and take his suggestion as an order. I didnt want to do that. When I politely declined, I was rebuked. When suggestions become compulsions,  it hurts ! It definitely hurts !

Where will such compulsions take us ? What will it fetch them ? Often, these suggestions involve selfish motives which surface  later on. We will not be in a position to come back and by the time we realise this, it would have been very late.

It is nice to listen to others and wise to decide on our own.  And, I have done mine. And I know, I am right. People must not mistake my confidence as audacity. If they still do, I dont think I can help it.