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Exam without calculator

One  can’t deny the fact that science students can’t do calculations without a  scientific calculator for a valid reason that values like Sin (56deg) cant be remembered. We were taught the usage of logarithms in PUC, but we forgot them like how  everyone else did.

My entrance exam is scheduled this Sunday, and I have read quite a bit. The news is, it is a very very tough exam and the more you prepare, the difficult it is. You will be considered a genius if you clear the exam in one attempt. I know I am not one, so there is nothing much to worry about.

According to 80 percent of the appeared candidates  we ” cannot “answer descriptive questions. The problem starts here.Descriptive questions consist of problems  and problems invariably involve calculations . The news is , we are not allowed to use calculators of any type. We are supposed to use logarithm tables or the commonly called Clarke’s Tables to solve the problems. I have forgotten the way to use them. I made it a point to read the instructions given on the hall ticket which I don’t always do, and it was worth after all. I got to know of this now itself.  I have to now find a way out to learn the usage of log tables. .

I remembered how much 2+2 is until I PUC. And then…for everything I used a calculator…be it a table calculator, solar calculator or a mobile calculator…all types. But now….

Oh my god !!! I am sooooooo scared and tensed. This will be my first ever examination without a calculator.