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Welcome back, Belavadi

Those were the days of my PUC exams but I never missed watching “Garva”. It was a story which I liked the most because it was a blend of everything. It is a story of  a man who was terribly egoistic and his family members were unable to take that. The character of Vinayaka was my favorite. He was a spastic, but cleverer than any intelligent man!

It is not only the story which I like in Prakash Belavadi’s serials but also the way he narrates it. In every scene, it is not only the characters which speak, location, lighting and props also communicate a lot to us. Also, the characters speak less, greater work  is done by their eyes. Godkhindi’s music lilts our soul. I never cry, be it for anything…but the dialogues simply make me cry ! I liked, loved and enjoyed every episode of Garva and really cried because it got over. I missed Belavadi a lot.

But he is back on zee kannada with a new mega serial “Illiruvudu summane” . This story is based on children not looking after their old parents and the plight of distressed parents. I saw the first episode today..It was simply superb. He has also put across to the viewers generation gap problems, enthusiam at the adolescence, helplessness at middle ages and distress in the old age. He has done a wonderful job.  I have decided to follow this serial everyday. I do not watch soap operas, specially hindi ones and kannada ones which have the usual story and horribly prolpnged narration. But Belavadi’s narration is crisp and sensible.

Welcome back Belavadi ji!